Firehouse History

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This building is truly one of the historic gems located in downtown Prescott Arizona. The original building was constructed in 1956 by the City of Prescott. The Prescott Fire Department performed all of their operations from this building until 1991. Notice the old “hose tower”. Hose towers were used at fire stations in the old days to hang the old cotton fire hoses to dry so they wouldn’t mold and mildew. A great majority of the firefighters that worked in this building during the 35 years that it was owned by the city are still serving the community as firefighters for the Prescott Fire Department today.

Firehouse Purchase

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Robin and Linda Forbes purchased the property in August of 2004. At this time the property was a mixed use office/retail complex named the Goodwin Street Plaza. Notice these pictures were taken before the construction of the Granite Street Parking Garage in 2005 and the new building addition that Forbes’ added in 2006.

Firehouse Post Purchase

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Immediately after the purchase, Robin and Linda Forbes renamed the property to the Old Firehouse Plaza. The building was painted red and black, new signage was added and the transition to retail was underway. Linda worked with the Prescott Fire Department and Sharlot Hall to locate all possible pictures of this building when it was the fire station. Many of these pictures are adorned on the walls of this historic building for visitors to see today and several of them are shown in the first group of pictures on the top of this page.

New Construction

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In September of 2006, construction began on the new addition which added additional new retail shops. Architecture was performed by Deb Lesnefska at Thomas Reilly & Associates and the addition was constructed by Haley Construction. Notice the original hose tower was reinforced during construction and transformed into an elevator shaft where a walking sky bridge providing access to the second story of the new building.

Firehouse Today

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At the left you will see pictures of the property as it exists today. The Old Firehouse Plaza is Prescott’s Hot Spot for Shopping and Dining. We welcome locals and tourists alike to stop in and enjoy this beautiful and historic shopping destination.